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From ‘slip-and-fall’ occurrences to employee negligence, business owners face an almost overwhelming amount of risks.  Succeeding in a competitive marketplace is difficult enough without worrying about all the unforeseen possibilities that could jeopardize the financial stability of your business.  Amato Insurance Agency has you covered.  We understand what it takes to protect a changing business.  We adjust your insurance program to match your needs.

Commercial2We Listen

Amato Insurance Agency has earned a reputation for doing things right.  When it comes to meeting insurance needs, we’ve become successful by excelling in one particular skill: listening.  We’ve learned that trying to apply a one-size-fits-all philosophy to commercial insurance doesn’t work.  Business owners end up paying too much for too little, or discover all too late that their ‘one-size’ policy doesn’t include coverage that protects against the unique risks they face.  Amato Insurance Agency analyzes individual businesses to determine individual needs, providing smart solutions.

Independent Agency: The Smart Choice for Businesses

As a business owner you know the financial and competitive benefits of having options.  As an Independent agency, Amato Insurance Agency provides choices from top-rated insurance companies that have experience underwriting the unique risks of businesses.  They understand the many variables involved in placing coverage that offers strong protection without including specific generic coverage that simply doesn’t apply to your unique situation.  Your unique coverage needs are matched with specialized company programs. With Amato Insurance Agency, you get the protection you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

Let Our Business Protect Your Business

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Commercial Insurance Options Include:

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